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our Mission

A home you love for those you love

Before starting this company, I've had many family members that have gone through this on their own and hope that they have placed their loved one in the correct community. In fact, 25% of my annual placements come from families that are already in a senior living community. The reasons may have been that  the community may have not been the right fit from the beginning or their loved one has outgrown what the community can offer.


I have been able to streamline this process to alleviate the stress as much as possible while minimizing your time from other responsibilities in your life. The senior living industry sector is fluid and continually evolving. A simple 30 minute conversation with me may make all the difference in a positive outcome. I truly love what I do and I take great pride consulting my families when making this

life changing decision.

Helping families in the Richmond Virginia area and beyond find the best fit senior living community  all at NO cost to you. Once a placement occurs then we receive a placement fee from the community directly.

Marc Friedlander CSA MBA

 Senior Living Advisor Company